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Clarity, Guaranteed, and Available Now

June 16, 2009

I’ve got some free time in June and July, so now is the time to announce my Clarity, Guaranteed spot consulting service.

This short consultation can be a meeting (with preparation and written recommendations) about the big issues in your project or organization.  I could also review a document in detail, or provide customized training, or sketch out your system’s architecture, or produce other custom deliverables.

What’s this about a Clarity Guarantee?  If your organization did not get clarity from a Metimea one-day engagement, simply request an extra meeting, a revised document, or a refund.

Metimea is of course able to provide more than one day of assistance, at reasonable rates.  I also volunteer my services to causes I support, so non-profit organizations could get free consulting!  As always, consulting is available in Toronto, or by telephone, telecommuting or travel.

Wondering how I could provide something useful in such a short engagement?  Today I finished a 20-day contract at Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation.  My clients were thrilled at how much detail I could gather in subject-matter-expert consultations.  I’ve used that same curiosity to deliver top-quality documentation and advice to organizations large and small – and yours could be next!

Wherever you work or volunteer, think about whether bringing Alana in could be helpful, and drop me a line.

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